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Aces and Kings is a solitaire game that uses 2 standard decks of cards to play, the game is more difficult but quite attractive. Your goal is to move the cards in order from A to K and from K to A.
At the beginning of the game, there will be 8 empty claws in the middle of the screen. Each of the 2 reserve piles above the foundation will be dealt 13 face-up cards, while each of the 4 animation piles in the lower right of the platform will be dealt 1 face-up. The remaining cards will be placed face down in the pile at the bottom left of the screen, and 1 face-up will be dealt with the discard pile to the right of the pile. The 4 foundations on the left side will be built from A to K regardless of the suit, while the 4 on the right will be built from K to A regardless of the suit. Each animation pile can only hold 1 card. When an animation pile becomes empty, the top card on the stack is moved face down into the empty space. If the stock pile becomes empty, you can move any card to an empty animation pile. You can each time move a card on the animation pile, the top card on the reserve pile, or the top card on the discard pile to a platform. The top card on the platform can be moved to another platform according to the building rules of the foundation. When you've used up all your moves, you can click on the stock pile to deal a new card to the discard pile. But if the stock pile becomes empty and you can't make any more moves, you lose.
Think carefully and give the correct moves. And be the winner of this game!


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