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Golden Spider Solitaire is the beloved version of Spider Solitaire. Arrange the suits running from King to Ace to remove them from the animation. Do this eight times to win the game.
You can move the cards in the animation to another pile if they have a lower rank (e.g., 8 out of 9). The fit of the cards is not important for the build, but it is important for moving the cards around. You can only move a sequence of cards in the correct order if they are from the same suit. 
If you open a face-down card, it will automatically be flipped around. 
Any card can be played for an empty animation column. 
When you get stuck, you can hit the stock to solve an extra face-down card for each pile of animations. 
Before dealing cards from the inventory, it can be helpful to hit the hint button. It will indicate a possible move if there is one.


Controls Guide

The game is played using the mouse. Click and drag cards using the left mouse button.

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