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In the game, you need to build all 52 cards on the foundation pile from Ace to King. The goal is to build up to four decks with the same suit, you start with an Ace. You have to put them in numerical order and you have to alternate between the black and red cards each time.
If you can't move, use help drawn from the deck.

Controls Guide

Move cards from pile to pile so that the value of the card goes from low to high and alternate between both colors with each card.
Click/Tap cards to move them to valid positions. The top cards in a pile have valid descending values and alternate colors can also be moved.
Kings (K) can be moved to free space.
Click/Tap the deck to draw new cards. Click/Tap the empty O of the deck to recycle the deck.
Ace (A) is low and King (K) is high. The ace is the first card placed on the platform. Kings are the last card to lay on the foundation.
You win when all four backgrounds have a King (K) at the top.

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