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Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is an attractive card game. Your task is to remove all the cards in the pyramid by matching cards with a maximum of 13.
Pairing is done by clicking on the first card and then on the second. Only open cards, i.e. no other cards above, can be paired. It doesn't matter where the cards are, you can match the cards in a pyramid, in the trash, or in temporary card storage.
Aces count as 1, Jack as 11, and Queens as 12. Valid pairs are Ace & Queen, Two & Jack, Three & Ten, Four & Nine, Five & Eight, and Four & Nine.
Kings count as 13 and can be eliminated by simply clicking on them.
Move an open card from the pyramid or trash to the temporary card storage in the bottom left.
Undo an action by clicking the undo button in the bottom right corner. Note that you can only roll back one move.

Controls Guide

Use the left mouse button to select cards and turn the stock.

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