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Scarab Solitaire is a pretty old Solitaire game, Scarab Solitaire has similar gameplay to Tripeaks. With the classic 3 pyramid layout. Discard the three blue Scarab cards at the top of the trio. Cards played from the layout must be higher or lower than a card visible at the bottom. If the visible deck is an Ace, either King or 2 can be played. If you can't, click the hidden deck cards at the bottom to reveal the next card and try again.
Scarab Solitaire game has limited time. Each card will have a certain time, if you do not make it in time, the next card will be transferred. So playing will have to focus and take time for it.
Every time you win a round, you get bonus points based on your skill and the time it took to complete that round. If you run out of moves, the game will automatically end.

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