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Solitaire Quest is a fun and relatively easy classic card game. With stunning graphics that will attract you at first sight.

There are many levels with different themes:

Elven Woods - Level 1-20:

This is a fairy forest, with wood elves and colorful mushrooms. Your journey is relatively smooth on this level

Frozen Mountains - Levels 21-40:

Play Solitaire on the icy road. You will pass through the mountains, and meet reindeer, and snowmen. Very attractive it!

Wood Elf Village - Floor 41-60:

You will meet adorable dwarves

Red Road Pass - Floor 61-80: Volcanic eruption, winding road, bumpy. But on the way there are many gems, enjoy!

Solitaire Quest with lots of highlights:

  • Beautifully designed map
  • Over 75 levels with more being added every month
  • Each level has a yellow card and a lock to help you persevere.
  • There are more daily quests for huge free rewards.
  • Your coins to unlock new, unique card sets and styles
  • Play ranked games offline - no internet connection is required

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