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Sultan Solitaire is a favorite card game. In the game, your goal is to arrange all the cards so that the Sultan (King of Hearts) is surrounded by his eight queens. 
There are eight foundation piles surrounding the King of Hearts in the middle. All foundation piles start with King, except for the one above King, which starts with Ace. The six reserve piles are dealt one card each. The rest of the cards go into the inventory. 
The cards must be placed on the foundation pile in ascending order. So to start, you have to find an Ace to place on eight Kings around the edge, then 2, and so on until you find the Queens. 
Click on the inventory to reveal a new card and transfer it to the waste pile. 
Cards from the waste pile can be transferred to the foundation or to an empty reserve pile. 
You can see six places around the edges of the screen, you can place temporary cards. If one of these places is free, you can move the current card shown at the top to this location. 
Get a new card by clicking on the card pack face down at the top of the screen. 
You can swap shares twice, which will shuffle the cards as well.

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